Teachers of Northeastern University attended the 11th International Steel Rolling conference and visited the Department of metallurgy and materials of Sao Paulo University.


From October 1st to 4th, at the invitation of Professor Valdomiro Roman da Silva, chairman of ABM and the Organizing Committee of the 11th International Steel Rolling Conference (IRC2019), 8 people including Professor Li Jianping, Professor Di Hongshuang, Professor Chen Liqing, Professor Xu Yunbo, Professor Xu Wei, all from National Key Laboratory of rolling technology and rolling automation, and Professor Tong Weiping from the Key Laboratory of material electromagnetic process research of Ministry of Education attended the conference held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and visited the Department of metallurgy and materials of Sao Paulo University.


During the meeting, the teachers of Northeastern University made 8 academic reports in the main meeting hall and the related branch hall respectively, and fully exchanged ideas and discussed with the audience about the contents of the reports. The reports covered the industrial application and product development of the new generation TMCP technology, the microstructure and properties of Cold Rolled TRIP steel, the rolling process of new high temperature resistant ferritic stainless steel, high-end Q & P steel, ultra-high strength dual phase steel and high-performance construction steel, etc.


On October 4th, the delegation visited the Department of metallurgy and materials of University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, visited the relevant laboratories, and conducted in-depth academic discussions with Professor Helio Goldenstein and Professor Andre Paulo Tscriptschin of the Department. The two sides had a detailed exchange and discussion on the processing technology and performance of hot formed steel, Q & P steel and TRIP steel, and initially formulated the cooperation mode and content.


It is reported that the 11th International Steel Rolling Conference (IRC2019), hosted by the Brazilian Association of metallurgy, materials and mining, was held at the PRO MANGO Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during October 1st-4th, 2019, with more than 400 participants and together with many other important events of ABM week. The main topics involved in this meeting include controlled rolling and cooling technology, numerical simulation, new rolling technology, flat bar and automation, detection and control technology, etc.

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