NEU Deputy Party Secretary Guochen Zhang Met with Prof. Peter ten Dijke, Member of the Dutch Royal Society of Sciences and Arts and EMBO

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In the morning of Sep. 24th, deputy Party secretary of Northeastern University (NEU) met with Prof. Peter ten Dijke of Leiden University in Han Qing Assembly Hall, accompany with directors of NEU International Cooperation and Exchange Department and College of Life Sciences and Health. The two sides exchanged views of interschool cooperation, and indicated that would promote cooperation in the field of teacher communication, student exchange, and joint experiments, etc.

Prof. Peter ten Dijke gave an academic report entitled TGF-beta family signaling in cancer for teachers and students of NEU on Sep. 23rd.


Prof. Peter ten Dijke is a member of the Dutch Royal Society of Sciences and Arts and EMBO. He is a Full Professor in Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, the Investigator at the Oncode Institute, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands.

Peter ten Dijke is an internationally renowned cell biologist whose career spans some thirty years. His groundbreaking research has helped clarify the key role of TGFβ, a growth factor in human cells that is at the root of many different forms of cancer. Prof. ten Dijke and his team have discovered a range of molecules that can keep TGFβ in check, leading to new treatments for cancer, vascular and bone diseases, and wound healing. He has published 353 peer-reviewed articles with > 67,000 citations, including papers in Nature, Science, Nature Cell Biology, and others, with an H-index of 132. He received various awards including Noreen Cunningham award and so on. He is currently visiting Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden, Tsukuba University, Japan and Zhejiang University, China.

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