Fabrizio Dughiero, Vice President of University of Padova, Visited NEU

作者:Yang Ming编辑:来源:Northeastern University更新日期:2019-07-13浏览次数:98

On July 10, Professor Fabrizio Dughiero, Vice President of University of Padova in Italy, visited Northeastern University. Vice President Lei Sun met Fabrizio Dughiero and other delegates at the International Academic Exchange Center, with the participation of relevant heads of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department and the Key Laboratory of Materials Electromagnetic Process Research.

Sun Leiintroduced the development history, teaching characteristics and advanced disciplines of NEU, hoping that the two sides could strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation. Fabrizio Dughiero said that the academic exchange with EPM Laboratory opened the cooperation between University of Padova and Northeastern University. The two schools have more space for cooperation in scientific research, joint training of students and innovative teaching methods. He hoped the two sides could sign an inter-school cooperation agreement. The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in personnel training, academic exchanges and technology transfer.

During the visit, Fabrizio Dughiero and his delegation would also hold concrete discussions with EPM Laboratory on cooperation in scientific research and other issues.

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