The List of 2019 National Construction of High-quality University Projects of Graduates Was Published

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Recently, the list of 2019 National Construction of High-quality University Projects of Graduates was published. A total of 89 graduate students in Northeastern University were selected, including 83 joint doctoral students and 6 doctoral students. The selected personnel involved 16 countries and 70 units studying abroad, with the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, Singapore and other countries as the main destination countries.

It is a program implemented by China to speed up the goal of building a strong country with talents and promote the construction of "double first-class". It aims to select first-class students to study in foreign first-class universities, scientific research institutions or disciplines with first-classtutors, and train top-notch innovative talents with an international perspective, who are familiar with international rules and can participate ininternational affairs and competition. The National Fund for Overseas Studiesprovides overseas students with a round-trip international travel fee and ascholarship within the time limit. China Scholarship Council is responsible for organizing and implementing the project.

NEU attaches great importance to the selection and organization of this program.The Graduate School earnestly organizes project presentations, strengthenspolicy guidance, and strictly reviews procedures to ensure the quality of the selection. Since the implementation of the project, a total of more than 800 graduate students in our school have been enrolled and sent to foreign high-level universities or scientific research institutions to jointly train or study for doctoral degrees. The project has become an important starting pointand an effective way to train top-notch innovative talents for graduate students in our school.

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