The Opening Ceremony of 2019 College youth science camp Northeastern University Branch was held in Northeastern University

作者:Zheng Xingyan编辑:来源:Northeastern University更新日期:2019-07-10浏览次数:145

On July 8th, The Opening Ceremony of 2019 College Youth Science Camp Northeastern University Branch and the Academician report meeting was held in Northeastern University. More than 200 teachers and students of 35 middle schools from 9 provinces and municipalities attended the opening ceremony. The theme of this science camp was 'Together Build a Space Silk Road', and the camp will last one week. During the camp, students will participate in lectures of famous experts and scholars, science activities and artificial intelligence games, and will have deep exploration of colorful college life.

The College youth science camp co-hosted by China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Ministry of Education, was firstly founded in the year of 2012. It aimed at arousing young people's interest in science, cultivating their scientific spirit, innovative consciousness and practical ability through famous universities' abundant teaching and research resources.

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