NEU-Sophia Workshop at Shenyang Held in NEU

作者:编辑:来源:Northeastern University, NEU更新日期:2018-10-11浏览次数:14

NEU-Sophia Workshopat Shenyang, System Control Technologyfor Smart Mobility of Cyber-Social Environment, which was co-sponsored byNEU State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation for Process Industry, SophiaUniversity, and Vehicle Control and Intelligent Specialized Committee of ChinaAutomation Society, was held in Northeastern University (NEU) on Sep. 17th.

Chairman of the InternationalFederation of Automatic Control Professional Committee, Prof. Per Tunestal, vice-chairmanProf. Lars Eriksson, Carlos Guardiola, and Gianfranco Rizzo, Prof. IlyaKolmanovsky of University of Michigan, Prof. del Re Luigi of Johannes KeplerUniversity Linz and former director of Toyota motor corporation, Mr. AkiraOhata attended the meeting and exchanged views around the next generation intelligent control technology for vehicle system basedon information society.

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